Zeutschel TouchInfo-Point

Zeutschel TouchInfo-Point

Expand your (virtual) exhibition area by several 10.000 m²!

The TouchInfoPoint presents customized content in an interactive and intuitive way. Create your very own presentation. Thanks to its simple modular design, you can pop­ulate the system with images, videos or documents without any programming skills.

  • low-cost entry into multimedia
  • customized content, such as photos, videos or documents
  • system maintenance without the necessary programming skills
  • user-friendly and simple operation
  • mobile and flexible use
    • complements a permanent exhibition
    • media station in a special exhibition
    • information terminal in the reception area
  • customized system setup:
    • lectern, wall, table system
  • perfectly integrates into your exhibition architecture
  • durable hardware components avoid future service and repair costs



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